Mud and magic of Emersons Green park

March 31 2014

A NEW group gets off the ground this month aimed at protecting the natural beauty of Emersons Green Park.

emersons green parkemersons green park

A NEW group gets off the ground this month aimed at protecting the natural beauty of Emersons Green Park. 

The Friends of Emersons Green Park has been formed partly in response to recent clearance work.

The five-acre site, which also consists of a popular children’s play area and community orchard, had been allowed to grow wild for the past 15 years.

But last November South Gloucestershire Council started work to reduce the risk of flooding which included felling significant numbers of trees and shrubs.

Resident Chris Sunderland, who has helped form the group, said: “It’s been quite a dramatic change,” he said.

“Some were really sad to see the natural aspect of the park being lost but others have said that it’s really nice to have it open.

“The Friends’ group has been started by people who have a long-term interest in the park as a means of keeping local people in touch with what’s going on there.”

Around 30 people have already been recruited to the group, which will hold its inaugural meeting with council officers on April 8 in the Jefferies Room, Emersons Green Village Hall at 6pm.

Chris said: “We are particularly interested to know what the future plans for the management of the park are. The idea is to get a good relationship with South Gloucestershire Council so the residents have an opportunity to get involved and comment.”

Possible ideas include growing wild flowers and planting bulbs, improving part of the stream which has become stagnant and hosting a festival.

 “We may raise funds like the Friends of Page Park but as this is the first step we have to see what people want to do,” Chris said.

“It has been one of the nicest parks I know partly because it combines the semi-wild with the more structured play area and I would be keen to keep that balance. People use parks for different things and I’d like to respect them all.”