Muddy boots? Friends come up with a solution

February 02 2016

A CHAT between two families about how to clean football boots has led three years later to the creation of a business.

A CHAT between two families about how to clean football boots has led three years later to the creation of a business.
Naval and Daksha Mistry and Rich and Jayne Jeffery were talking over a meal about the difficulties of getting the mud off their sons’ studded boots after matches.
Both families had tried using kitchen knives, toothbrushes and other implements and had scoured the internet in vain for a suitable tool – so they decided to invent one.
“We came up with some rough sketches of what we wanted. It looked like a claw at first,” said Daksha, from Downend.
“We shared our ideas of what we wanted it to do. We have a product designer in our family so we asked him to draw something up.”
After finding a manufacturer,  dealing with various quality and patent issues, and then having to find a different manufacturer, the families finally took delivery of their first Bootbro brushes from China in September. They have been selling them through their website, eBay and Amazon as well as locally through friends and family and Facebook.
In the run-up to Christmas, more than 50 orders went out, with products despatched to Germany France, Spain and Australia.
Thirteen-year-old Mekesh Mistry, who plays for Downend Saints, and his friend Harry Jeffrey, who plays for Mangotsfield, have got involved too, packing the brushes ready for posting.
Daksha is a business analyst in the NHS, and Naval works in the food industry while Jayne and Rich, who live in Emersons Green, are a teacher and a contractor at the RAC respectively, so developing the business alongside their day jobs has been a challenge for all.
Their latest problem came late last year when some of their stock went astray, eventually turning up in Dubai.
“You don’t realise how much is involved,” said Daksha. “We have worked with local businesses for our website, marketing and accounts, which has been a big help.
“We would like to see our product sold with every pair of football boots. It is safe and it protects the boots.”
The brushes, which are sold at £5 for local collection and £9.99 through Amazon, can also be used to clean walking boots.
And there’s an added bonus for the Mistrys – because the Bootbro is safe, Mekesh can clean his own boots!
“It does not have any sharp implements and it is not messy, so after he plays his matches on a Sunday, he cleans his boots himself,” said Daksha.