Mummies, pyramids and a multi-coloured coat

September 01 2014

FOR one week this summer, part of Downend was transformed into ancient Egypt, writes Sian Harris.

FOR one week this summer, part of Downend was transformed into ancient Egypt, writes Sian Harris.

The pyramids, camels and sphinxes decorating the walls of the parish hall on North Street formed a backdrop to the Biblical story of Joseph at Christ Church Downend’s annual holiday club.

Over the first week of the holidays, more than 80 primary-school-aged children followed Joseph’s journey from favourite son of Jacob, famously gifted with a multi-coloured coat, through a succession of misfortunes and false accusations, to become the second most powerful man in Egypt.

Through drama, songs and activities, the children thought about issues such as jealousy, lying and forgiveness, and about how these things related to Jesus’ life too.

The week was packed with fun crafts and games. We made kites, camels, multi-coloured coats and walkie talkies. Outside, we competed in teams to dress up in silly clothes, build foam pyramids and wrap each other up as mummies. On the last day the games culminated in a water fight – and some very wet leaders!

As always, Lucy and Bert, our lovable but sometimes silly puppets, entertained us with their funny adventures. We heard about cleaning Bert’s dad’s car with the sunroof open, playing football with no rules and a hamster who ate Bert’s sister’s favourite picture.

We were very pleased this year to have around 15 members of the church’s Faith youth group volunteering their time and energy to help out with small groups, games and puppets, as well as serving as great role models to the children in the holiday club. The children who will be going into years 6 and 7 in September had a chance to try out the youth facilities at ChristChurch themselves during the snack breaks and to hear about how they can get involved in the Faith youth group.

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