Mystery wellwisher comes to aid of students

September 30 2016

A MYSTERY woman has come to the rescue after students performing at a community event in Fishponds Park had their bags, cash and mobile phones stolen.


A MYSTERY woman has come to the rescue after students performing at a community event in Fishponds Park had their bags, cash and mobile phones stolen.

Youngsters from Bristol Metropolitan Academy in Fishponds took to the stage at the Make Sunday Special afternoon on Sunday September 11.

But whilst the boys and girls were showcasing their recent sell-out show The Lion King, some of their bags were taken from a tent next to the stage.

The handbags were later recovered from the public toilets in the park but valuables, including two mobile phones, cash and a bank card, had been stolen.

The three female victims were left distraught and the rest of the cast were in shock that this had happened during such a fun community day.

Police, who had been stationed nearby in Beechwood Road, were quick to react and take forensic evidence from the crime scene.

The following day the academy's head of performing arts, Meesh Lambert-Vince, received an email from a lady who had been watching the students' performance.

She said: "The email was from a lovely lady who saw our performance and was upset to learn about the theft. 

"She very generously donated £300 to the three girls in hope their faith in the community would be restored. The lady wishes to remain anonymous.

"The girls were overwhelmed and very thankful that a member of the community would do this for them. 

"Up until then, it had been a wonderful day and the people in the audience were wowed by our stunning performance. Though the theft was a very horrible end to the day, we were so impressed by kind messages, the very generous donation, the support of our local community and the way they rallied around to help us."

Sam Teller, one of the event organisers, said: "I know the students involved because my son Zac goes to the same school and was performing alongside them.

"I was gutted for them. It was an opportunistic crime which really hurts especially as they're just kids who had given up their time on a Sunday to perform for the community.

"The anonymous donor coming forward to give them some money shines a more positive light on what has happened and helps to restore people's faith in human nature."

Sam said despite the thefts the feedback he had received about the event had been really positive.

"We were blessed with good weather and the number of people who turned up exceeded all our expectations; instead of hundreds we had thousands. 

"Someone described the event as a really great family day and, other than the one awful incident, everything else was completely positive."

A police spokesperson said: "We're investigating after two handbags were taken from the back of a marquee in Fishponds Park on Sunday September 11.

"The bags, which were taken between 2.15pm and 3pm, were later found by the victims in the public toilets. Both bags had been emptied and two mobile phones had been stolen along with a bank card and a small quantity of cash."

Anyone who witnessed anything suspicious, or who has any information, is asked to call 101 and give the call handler the reference 5216202406.