New community karate club welcomes adults and children

March 24 2017

A NEW Korean karate club hopes to train children and adults to be confident and know how to defend themselves.


A NEW Korean karate club hopes to train children and adults to be confident and know how to defend themselves.

Stuart Foyle has opened the Dragon Tang Soo Do club at St Augustine’s school on Thursday evenings and hopes around 40 people will train there.

Stuart, 42, has trained in the martial art for the past nine years and competed in regional and national competitions.

He’ll be joined by fellow instructor Paul Chappell, who has trained for eight years as well as studying Shotokan karate.

Stuart, who has lived in Downend all his life, said: “We are doing this as voluntary work and won’t be making any money from it. Fees will be used for the room hire and equipment.

“We’re doing it because we love it and want to rope in children and young adults who might otherwise have nothing to do.

“Dragon Tang Soo Do is a kicking martial art very similar to Taekwondo. It teaches you street awareness, confidence, respect and how to look after yourself.

“We want the club to be like a family to people, where they can make friends for life.”

Stuart also trains his children Beau, nine, and Gracie, 13, who attend Christchurch school and Winterbourne academy. Gracie is already on course to take her black belt next year.

Junior sessions for ages seven to 12 will run from 6.30pm to 7.30pm, with adult classes for ages 13 up from 7.30pm to 9pm. The classes are suitable for absolute beginners upwards, run throughout school holidays, and the first session is free. Classes are offered with no contract on a ‘pay as you train’ basis.

Stuart, an air conditioning engineer, said: “I got a bit out of the loop of doing any sport once I had children, and I think that’s the case for a lot of people. I started training as a way of doing something for myself again.

“This sport is great for children and adults because people can see their own progression and there are lots of chances to enter competitions, which gives you a sense of achievement.

“In the future we hope to offer extra activities, such as Saturday sessions for youngsters during the school holidays.”

For more details on the club email or call Stuart on 07769 688586.