New look for loos

May 05 2014

FOR your convenience – the public toilets in Downend have been given a new look.


FOR your convenience – the public toilets in Downend have been given a new look.

The loos are  tucked away behind the Sainsbury's Local store near the bus stop on Westerleigh Road and many people did not know they existed.

Now Downend & Bromley Heath Parish Council, with the help of South Gloucestershire Council, has changed the appearance of the forecourt area to make the toilets more visible and more pleasant to use. 

This has been done to enhance the area in conjunction with the Downend in Bloom project,  which has already refurbished the tree planters, planted daffodil bulbs and replanted the roundabout. 

South Gloucestershire's Street Care team removed the old green shrubs and hedge plants and prepared the ground for the new, , more attractive planting.

Parish clerk Angela Hocking said: “By incorporating railway sleepers and decorative small brick designs, the appearance of the forecourt looks more like a restful garden area. Hopefully the more open aspect will also prevent unsightly litter from accumulating and it will reduce the future costs for maintaining the area.”

The planting scheme was funded by the parish council and put in place using volunteers, which kept costs down. 

Councillors Kate Conner, Chris Boulton and Martyn Poole worked hard on the project.

Mrs Hocking said the council had been very disappointed to find, soon after planting, that someone had stolen several of the conifers but had been encouraged by the very positive feedback they received from residents as they passed by. 

“It is  a much nicer, more welcoming and cheerful frontage for those using the facilities. And you can now see where the loos are!” she said.