'Not all home owners want a big garden'

July 28 2017

MORE redundant garden space is to be redeveloped in Downend.

MORE redundant garden space is to be redeveloped in Downend.

Helm Construction will return to Peache Road for the third time to build one detached, three-bedroom home with garage and two, three-bed semis for developer Westbury Guild.

Contract manager Kim Richings said: “The word is certainly going around Downend that the typical large gardens accompanying these imposing properties can be effectively redeveloped to provide new homes. We had a fantastic response to our previous projects and have now been called back once again for this infill development.”

Helm built four new homes on an overgrown site in Peache Road last year. The firm also completed two new homes in Buckingham Gardens and a further four at the old Post Office in Mangotsfield.

Kim Richings said: “We were getting inquiries from neighbours before we had even finished the original project. The fact all the previous properties sold within days demonstrates the demand.”

The days when every resident wanted a large garden had gone, he said. "Younger professionals and families moving in to Bristol have different lifestyles to their parents and grand-parents. Whereas a big garden was a bit of a status symbol back in the 60s and 70s, many people these days simply don’t have the time to maintain them properly and they often go to waste.

“These days, neighbours are more likely to call us back to look at their spare space rather than complain about the loss of a bit of overgrown garden. With so many people desperate to get a foot on the property ladder, it makes sense to look at wasted and unused space in existing urban locations rather than dig up more of our open space.”