Parish Champions - and NVQ trainers!

May 28 2016

Life remains busy for us this month.

Life remains busy for us this month. We were very pleased to be nominated and awarded a certificate as Parish Champions for our work in planting around the area.

We attended the Parish Council AGM at the Methodist Church in Badminton Road where we set up our information stand.
We were given an insight into the wide ranging work that the Parish Councillors do for our area and I think it makes one realise just how hard they work on our behalf. We were presented with our certificate which was great, as it shows an appreciation of all the hard work and effort we put in throughout the year with the floral displays and tree planting.
We are eagerly anticipating the growth of the wild flower seeds around the trees that were planted last month and we have now completed the wild flower beds on Badminton Road, Quakers Road, Cleeve Hill and Grace Road. This year we were given help to plant some of the beds by a young man called Tony. He works for South Glos Streetcare and is working towards an NVQ qualification. He asked, as part of his evidence folder for the NVQ if he could be involved in the sowing of our wild flower beds.
We are always very happy to involve as many members of our community as possible in our work so we readily agreed. Unfortunately the day we had arranged turned out to be very wet (as many of our planting days seem to be!) but not to be deterred we set about our task. We discussed planting as per instructions - to mix the seeds with sand so you can see where you have planted, dividing the seed in half so that you do not run out of seed before the end and making sure the seed is in contact with the ground. An interesting afternoon and we wish Tony well with the rest of his qualification.
The final item of news this month is that D&BH in Bloom now have an Official Photographer!
One of our members asked if we would be interested in having someone to take pictures for us. He said he knew of someone who is an excellent photographer, and would be happy to join our group as Official Photographer. What an opportunity - we jumped at the chance and it will be lovely to have some good photos of our displays (it will certainly beat my efforts!)
By the way - I reported last month that Chris and I were doing a talk for Christchurch Mothers Union. To report back I didn’t hear any snoring so hopefully we didn’t send anyone to sleep and we did have a really pleasant afternoon. We hope that the ladies and the one man present do feel a bit more enlightened about our work.
Jackie Baker