Progress on High Street CCTV

October 23 2020

One of the CCTV cameras is likely to be sited outside the Horseshoe pub.

A CCTV system covering the centre of Downend is likely to be installed within the next five months.
South Gloucestershire Council is currently seeking quotes for the installation of the system, which is likely to have three cameras to monitor the high street area.
They are set to be installed by the Badminton Road/Cleeve Hill traffic lights, by the Westerleigh Road junction outside the Horseshoe pub and by the mini-roundabout where North Street meets Downend Road.
Downend & Bromley Heath Parish Council has been pushing for CCTV to be installed for several years, and attention was concentrated on the issue in 2018 when vandals attacked the area's floral displays.
The parish council is paying the initial installation costs of the system, which are expected to be around £29,000, using money from the Community Infrastructure Levy, a fund paid into by developers to help pay for infrastructure projects in the areas where they are building.
The cameras will be able to tilt, pan and zoom so that people monitoring them remotely can pinpoint suspicious incidents or behaviour.
Once it is installed the costs of monitoring the system, estimated to be around £10,000, will be picked up by South Gloucestershire Council.
Parish clerk Angela Hocking confirmed that a decision to proceed with the scheme had been agreed. The money to pay for the system is in the council's current budget, which means the cameras are due to be installed by the end of March.
A spokesperson for South Gloucestershire Council said: “Following a period of public consultation in March, we will be installing CCTV at Downend High Street and we are currently looking to tender quotes for the installation of the new system.
"Once we have appointed a contractor, we will be able to provide further information on timescales for the work.”