Reduced hours at Carsons Road Centre ‘could reduce jams’

October 09 2015

REDUCED opening hours at Mangotsfield’s Sort It recycling centre should calm traffic chaos in the area, according to a Siston councillor.

ian adamsREDUCED opening hours at Mangotsfield’s Sort It recycling centre should calm traffic chaos in the area, according to a Siston councillor.
Cllr Ian Adams said he welcomed changes to the the Carsons Road site’s opening hours which will be cut from 8am-6.30pm to 8.30am-4.30pm from October 1.
Cllr Adams said: “I live very close to the recycling centre and there have issues with the traffic building up to Rodway Common and down to the ring road.
“Residents queuing to get into the centre don’t realise the impact it has on other residents trying to get to their homes.
“There is a webcam scheme so that prior to going to the recycling centre people can check to see what the traffic levels are like. Unfortunately a lot of people don’t know that this facility exists.
“The changes will have some impact on people using the centre but it’s down to timings and residents being aware of the new opening hours and managing that into their own life cycles.”
Under the changes, householders wanting to dump rubbish at the centre, and in South Gloucestershire’s three other Sort It centres, will have to prove they live in the area or face being denied access.
The authority says these measures will help to reduce the number of people from neighbouring council districts and commercial users from visiting its four sites in Mangotsfield, Yate, Stoke Gifford and Thornbury.
And from 2016 a resident vehicle registration scheme will be introduced where residents will need to register their vehicle to be allowed onto the sites.
There will also be an electronic van permit scheme and the existing automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) system will be updated and used to implement the registration schemes.
The council says it will be easy to register online, over the phone or at One Stop Shops and will inform residents when they can start to register later this year.
Changes to the opening times will effect all South Gloucestershire’s Sort It centres. The times will apply all year round, except Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year’s Day, and mean that the Little Stoke site will reopen on a Wednesday.
Cllr Adams said the vehicle registration scheme will make it easier for residents: “The whole purpose of registering your vehicle is to make everything work more efficiently. We get a lot of residents from Bristol trying to access the Mangotsfield recycling centre. In order to control this the council does spot checks, asking for identification of where they live. If residents can pre-register their car information, it will mean they won’t get badgered with supplying information. It’s a move to try and simplify gaining access to the recycling centre.”
Cllr Adams said he would be monitoring traffic around the site and urged residents to get in touch if they have any concerns.
“I’m building up a log to make sure the council is aware of any problems,” he said.
“There needs to be some investment in the highways, perhaps a permanent slip road can be put in so traffic can be bypassed or perhaps the field next door can be purchased and used as an area for managing traffic. Long term, these ideas need to be looked at.
“The log will help me build up a picture so I can then use it to put pressure on the council to look at long-term options.”
Chair of South Gloucestershire Council’s communities committee Cllr Heather Goddard said: “After reviewing the number of visitors to the centres, we found that there were very few people making use of the extended opening hours in the summer. The new opening times reflect the times that most people use the centres.”
You can contact Cllr Adams by emailing, attaching photographs where appropriate.
Meanwhile Cllr Adams says work is continuing to review the unpopular charge for collecting residents’ green bins.
“To put the burden of payment on to residents through the green bin charge was a real shame. As a Conservative party, we are trying to look at ways of reducing the tax. We have looked at scrapping it completely but there are complications regarding that and it’s all down to cost. Whether scrapping it can be done in one go or in a number of stages, is something we are looking at.”