Season of conkers and campfires

October 02 2017

Hurrah! Autumn is here.

Hurrah! Autumn is here. For us it is, without question, the most exciting time of the year to be teaching children outdoors. The woods are simply bursting with learning opportunities and look their most spectacular during October and November. We also have Apple Day, Halloween/ Samhain and Bonfire Night to look forward to before the countdown to Christmas! 

Autumn is a perfect time for a family walk down at your local woodland or park. You can keep children occupied with very simple equipment like a pot for collecting bugs/ acorns/ different coloured leaves or some double sided tape to turn a dry stick into a work of art. Collected items can be taken home to make collages, crowns, prints, clay models or rubbings. A flask of hot chocolate for the journey back would make you very popular!

When we take children into the woods during autumn we spend time noticing the changes to the plants and trees. We also spend more time around the campfire storytelling and enjoying warm food. But our favourite activities in the autumn are:

•  Playing conkers

Making toffee apples over the campfire

• Making apple head puppets

• Pumpkin carving

Painting with mud and berry paint

• Looking up at the stars

These activities are all heaps of fun while sneakily teaching children valuable skills and knowledge about the natural environment. Sshh, don’t tell them!

We have lots of exciting events taking place at Lincombe Barn Woods during October half term and have a couple of spaces at Forest School. To book simply visit