Seasonal decorations make up for the lack of flowers

December 21 2016

Good morning everyone! It is six o'clock on a Saturday morning, two weeks before Christmas and I am looking at my lovely tree bedecked with its blue and white lights.

Good morning everyone! It is six o'clock on a Saturday morning, two weeks before Christmas and I am looking at my lovely tree bedecked with its blue and white lights. I have three fabulous Father Christmases sat in my porch and a new wooden tree in my window (thanks Men in the Shed!). What a pretty time of year it is, especially when you drive around and see all the houses with their decorations and light displays. The one thing missing now is a nice bit of snow - wouldn't that be good?

Anyway, I thought my article might be quite short this month as there wouldn't be a lot for us to do in December. However, once again I was mistaken! Chris, our chairman, emailed me yesterday to say he is contacting Blaise in order to place the order for next year’s flowers! The Parish Council has confirmed our grant for the coming year, for which we are grateful, and this will assist us with the funding when providing our floral displays for next summer.

As our fund raising from our street collections, the Heathfest and the Cleevewood Christmas event has been so successful,  we will also be able to consider the wooden planter displays outside the shops in Downend and Bromley Heath again and our remote planters as well. (I thought for my picture this month I would take you back to the memories of last summer and show you what TLC does for our planters - thanks to the ladies in Coco - something to aim for next year!)

Talking about Cleevewood I must mention their Christmas event where we ran a stall to sell our items made by Men and their Tools. When we arrived we were astounded to see the biggest bouncy castle you have ever seen! We had a great day there - our wooden trees etc sold out and we actually took orders for more! The shops are always so accommodating, supplying us with coffee and allowing us to use their electricity for our glue gun! A fantastic event and thank you for allowing us to take part.

Later this month we will also be having a presentation at the Kustom shop in Downend for the winners of our 'Find the Father Christmas' competition which I hope you have all managed to take part in.

Next week we are having our Christmas get together at St Augustine's and we have arranged carol singers and a ukelele group to entertain us. It will also give us a chance to celebrate our achievements this year and we will be able to meet up in posh frocks rather than old clothes and dirty fingernails as is our usual attire when we meet! 

A couple of weeks ago Dave and I chopped some branches off our apple tree, painted them white and made some pseudo Christmas trees to decorate the room for our get together. We are going to decorate them with lights we have bought - we love the £1 shop - especially the one at Emersons where they have reduced everything to 90p due to another £1 shop opening opposite! I have also bought some hanging shortbread for the tree which will double up for our American supper. We are hoping that the Men and their Tools group will also be joining us as they have been such a support this year.

Looking forward to a Happy and Peaceful New Year for everyone in Downend and Bromley Heath and to the emergence of our spring displays.                        

  Jackie Baker