Senior Film Club resumes after a lengthy interval

May 24 2021

BRINGING joy and encouraging people to carry on living life to the full is the reason John Moore of Home Instead set up a Senior Film Club.
The monthly meet-up for a film screening plus tea and cake was a regular fixture in Henleaze and Downend before the pandemic and John can’t wait for it to get into full-swing again.
“It’s for anyone who wants to come along, catch up with old friends, meet new friends or just sit quietly at the back,” says John.
“We see the Senior Film Club as so important. It’s a way for people to regain some of their confidence, getting out there and meeting people again.
“I’m really looking forward to getting people together to have fun. It’s always been such a highlight to see people leaving the event with a smile on their face.
“We’ve seen the impact of the aging process on people as they are missing out on the stimulation of company so now that we can, we’re bringing back the Senior Film Club and hope it gives people a boost.”
The film for June's event will be Fisherman’s Friends - a funny film with a serious note , based on real events.
The event takes place in Christ Church Hall, Downend on June 21st starting at 2pm. Entrance is £4 including tea and cake.
 Pre-booking is essential as numbers are limited due to Covid measures. To book please call 0117 435 0064.