September 2019: Downend Folk Club Preview 2

August 27 2019

EXTRA! Road Not Taken “Fragment” album launch concert Sunday September 15 Frenchay Village Hall

EXTRA!  Road Not Taken  “Fragment” album launch concert  Sunday September 15 Frenchay Village Hall
DOWNEND Folk Club have always stuck steadfastly to their pattern of one concert per month. They think it's the right amount (and wouldn't have the energy to do more than that on a regular basis). However...
Road Not Taken, the Downend-based four-piece that originally formed as a bit of fun to play a support slot at the club in September 2014, have gone on to become quite a big deal, and are now making waves in the wider UK folk scene. Featuring Downend Folk Club chairman Ant Miles on guitar, alongside some more familiar faces, Road Not Taken are releasing their first full-length album, Fragment, on 30th August, and embarking on their first full UK tour in support of the release. We welcome them "home" for the final date of that tour, on Sunday 15th September
Having honed their craft over a number of years of performing live, their debut album Fragment brings together eight songs, inspired by the  tradition and which best represent their sound. It's is a collection of six inventive and atmospheric arrangements of traditional folk songs and tunes, two originals and a creative arrangement of a popular classic. Singer Anita Dobson’s clear and striking vocal soars over hypnotically beautiful melodies from  Claire Hamlen on violin and viola, underpinned by Ant Miles’ understated finger style guitar and Joe Hamlen's creative use of harmonium, banjo and bass guitar. Their music has been described as "songs which feel as though they have been draped in glittering cobwebs, which is a very fine thing indeed", and "folk music with all the feels of the romantic era composers”.
On the album title, Ant says, "A fragment is a piece that can stand alone, but also form part of a greater whole, a bigger picture, which we feel reflects our approach to arranging songs from the traditional folk canon; our interpretations are just one aspect of the many variations which exist of these familiar songs.”
As one reviewer once said, "Downend Folk Club don't have a 'house band', but if they did, Road Not Taken are it", so the club felt that they couldn't really have them hold their Bristol album launch concert anywhere else! So, just this once... they are slotting in an extra gig! Road Not Taken's album launch will be held at their Frenchay Village Hall HQ on Sunday 15th September... the final night of the quartet's long tour. There will not be a support act, so it won't finish too late... Sunday is a "school night” after all!
All the usual DFC bits and pieces will be there though... the bar, featuring real ale brewed down the road at Great Western Brewing Co., the Naughty Brownies, the silent raffle... you know the score! Doors open at 7.30pm for an 8.00pm start, and tickets are an absolute bargain... £8 in advance, or just £5 in advance for members! You can get them online from and also from Melanie’s Kitchen in Downend. Tickets will be £10 on the door, so please do buy in advance.
For further information, please visit the club’s website, find them on Facebook or Twitter or email