Song of joy as Jayni secures book deal

November 05 2015

A DOWNEND musician’s Christmas wish has come true with the publication of her first book.

A DOWNEND musician’s Christmas wish has come true with the publication of her first book.
Jayni Tremaine penned Sing Gabriel Sing, a book based on a carol she had written for her children.
The tome, which tells the story of the Nativity through words and illustrations and comes with a CD of Jayni’s carol, will now be available through internet giant Amazon in time for the festive season.
Jayni teamed up with Fishponds’ illustrator Lucea Eldemire to create the book, which can be used as a teaching aid and features a Sing Together page with sheet music and lyrics.
The book had attracted interest from an independent publisher called Britain’s Next Bestseller where readers decide the books that get published, essentially giving them the power to launch an author’s career.
In order for the book to be published, the women had to prove there was enough interest in it by generating a minimum of 350 pre-sale orders in just six weeks.
Luckily they smashed the target by 50 by the deadline of September 25 and the book will now become available online from mid November.
Jayni said: “I was in town with my daughter and we kept checking the sales. Then suddenly she said ‘You’ve done it, you’ve done it!’
“It’s been a bit of a rollercoaster but it’s fantastic news.
“The publishers have said it will be available worldwide at any book shop which choses to stock it but the problem we have is that we’ve missed the deadline for shops ordering their Christmas stock in. This year it will be mostly focused on Amazon sales but next year the book will be even bigger. Lucea is working on a website and we’ve been using Facebook and Twitter to spread the word. It’s gaining legs all the time and by next year it should be self-selling.
“There are quite lot of Christmas books out there which discuss a lot of things but they don’t actually discuss what Christmas is supposed to be about. Our book discusses the Nativity and the true meaning of Christmas.”
Lucea said: “I feel the meaning of Christmas has been lost and now it’s all about finances, toys, Santa and reindeers - but nothing about what the word Christ-mas means. It’s really sad because it’s one of the most beautiful stories. For me, it was about getting the real story back out there into the hearts of children and getting them excited about the meaning of it. On the back of that are all the emotions which go with it like forgiveness and love.”
Sing Gabriel Sing is now available on pre-order from Amazon at the price of £14.99 and will be stocked from November 12.