Spend a penny campaign

July 24 2013

Spend a penny campaign

Over the years St James Mangotsfield has undergone many changes since it was built by William du Putot Sheriff of Gloucester, as a Chapel of Ease between 1222 and 1228. The chapel was built as part of his manor house.

The manor house was demolished in 1846 to make the graveyard bigger and in 1851 the Church was exstensively and drastically reconstructed. But there has always been one very important thing missing from the church.


We hope to raise over £25,000 to put a toilet in the church

St James Mangotsfield will beholding a Gift Day on Saturday July 27, the Church will be open from 10am to 4pm for fun and laughter and to think of all the gifts we could give not just the gift of money.

There will be children's activities including a cup cake and create a garden competition and for the adults — our baking competition with a difference — the winner will be chosen by popular public vote.

For registration information e-mail your details to elgalannash@gmail.com