Street Play is coming to Buckingham Place

June 24 2019

A BUSY Downend rat run is being turned into a children’s playground for a day this month.

Residents of Buckingham Place in front of the area which will be closed
Part of Buckingham Place will be closed to through traffic on Sunday July 14 as part of a scheme to encourage children to play outdoors and residents to meet each other.
The closure, for two hours between midday and 2pm, has been authorised under South Gloucestershire Council’s Play Streets scheme, which is running in Downend and Staple Hill.
Emma and Wade Touzalin, who live in the street with their children Addy, 3, and Jakub, seven months, made the application and contacted all their neighbours. Some are helping out and Emma hopes many more will come along on the day.
Children will be able to play hop scotch, skipping, do chalk drawing and anything else they want to try.
Residents will be marshals, using cones to keep out through traffic on the closed section of road between the Buckingham Gardens and Westerleigh Road junctions. People who need access, including to parking spaces at the Westerleigh Road end, will be allowed in.
A second closure is planned at the same time on September 7.
Emma said: “Our road is a very busy rat run and I am often scared just trying to cross it with my young children, so would never allow any sort of play in the street, as it is simply not safe.
“We are hoping that by holding these two events, the street will come together and get to know each other whilst the children have fun playing.”
Rob Fisher, his wife Jo and their two-and-a-half-year-old daughter Isla will be taking part.
Rob said: “We don’t have any family that live locally and we thought it would be really nice if we knew other people on the street generally, and other children of the same age, for Isla to play with.”
Flo and Scott Lee, their children Fraser, 9, and Peggy, 3, are also taking part.
Flo said: “It’s a brilliant idea. I had not even met the other families before, even though we live at the same end of the road.”
Anne Newbery’s family has lived in Buckingham Place for three generations.
She said: “When I was a child we used to skateboard down the street – there wasn’t a problem, as there were so few cars. We played with our neighbours.”
For more information on the Buckingham Place event email and for more on Play Streets visit online.