Tip traffic is making our lives a misery

March 31 2014

PEOPLE living near the tip in Mangotsfield fear traffic problems are about to get much worse now that green bin charges have been introduced.

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PEOPLE living near the tip in Mangotsfield fear traffic problems are about to get much worse now that green bin charges have been introduced.

Residents with homes near the dump in Carsons Road say they frequently have to pull out into oncoming traffic to get round cars and lorries whose drivers are queuing to dispose of rubbish.

One resident blockaded the site for three hours one day last month to highlight his frustrations. Others staged a protest outside the Sort It! centre.

Councillor Ian Adams, who is one of those affected and is also South Gloucestershire Conservatives' spokesman on waste, said: “Feelings are already running very high locally about the existing traffic nightmare in and around the council's Sort It! centres, particularly at Mangotsfield, which simply cannot cope with the demand that is placed on it.

“Lives are already being put at risk and it's only a matter of time before there's a serious accident. This road safety risk will worsen considerably once the green bin tax kicks in.

“I'm calling on the council to urgently put in place measures to deal with the community's very real concerns about the outrageous effects of this new bin tax and how it will impact upon people’s daily lives.”

Mr Adams claimed an extra 75,000 visits a year would be made to the council's four Sort It! Sites by people who did not want to pay £36 a year to have their garden waste collected from their green bins.

A council spokesman said the officials had met the resident who staged the blockade and had told him they were exploring alternative traffic management options for the site entrance and exit to improve traffic flow and reduce queuing.

He said the charge for green bins was part of a number of changes to waste services from April to build on the district's excellent recycling rates. Mixed plastics and small electrical items have been added to kerbside collections.

“The changes also aim to balance the costs of our waste services against our income, at a time of significant reductions in funding for all local authorities. One way we are doing this is by changing the fortnightly garden waste collection service to an opt-in subscription service, in line with our neighbouring local authorities.” he said. 

“It is important to note that this service is optional and residents have a number of alternatives for garden waste disposal including pay-as-you-go sacks for those who only require occasional collections. We are also promoting composting as a free and environmentally-friendly alternative, and residents can of course continue to dispose of garden waste for free at their local Sort It! centre.

“These changes may lead to an increase in trips to Sort It! centres and to help reduce queuing we have since last year introduced a number of traffic management measures at our sites. These include new non-peak operating times, summer operating hours, new traffic signage and, from May, traffic cams to allow residents to check traffic levels ahead of their visit. We are confident that these changes will help mitigate against the increased demand expected at our Sort It! sites but we will keep the matter under close review.”

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