'Traffic calming is mayhem - and it's damaging cars'

March 27 2019

DRIVERS negotiating unpopular traffic calming measures in Frenchay are facing hefty car repair bills.

DRIVERS negotiating unpopular traffic calming measures in Frenchay are facing hefty car repair bills.
Residents say the 'build out' system in Beckspool Road is so badly designed drivers are bashing their tyres and wheels against the kerb.
Adrian Collins, chair of Frenchay Residents Association, described the measures as “a bit of a dog's dinner”.
“Even when it's quiet, people are driving into the kerbs because it's so confusing. They're ruining their tyres and wheels. There was a car today with two blown out tyres because they'd hit a kerb and that was going at a safe speed with no oncoming traffic and with perfect visibility.
“One mechanic who was called out said he was thinking of setting up shop there because he's being called out most days.”
Mr Collins said the traffic calming measures were having the reverse effect: “During peak times it's mayhem. There's road rage with people just not giving way and storming through at high speed.
“The problem with the design is that they've put build-outs all on the same side of the road so people have to weave in and out.
“The build-outs have encouraged people to play chicken - people don't want to wait because they know they will sat there waiting for ever to get through at peak times.”
Mr Collins said the residents' association would be writing to South Gloucestershire Council.
“We're putting the council on notice that a serious accident or fatality is a possibility if nothing is done about the situation.”
Mr Collins said residents are still waiting for a 20mph zone, which he believes should have been done before any traffic calming was introduced.
“The ideal solution would be to have a 20mph speed limit with warning signs but there needs to be something physically put in to stop people speeding. There needs to be a system where traffic gives way to oncoming traffic and it's very clearly marked who has right of way.”
Recently a group of protesters gathered at the Unitarian Chapel on Beckspool Road. They said they were angry at the loss of three parking spaces outside the church to accommodate further traffic calming.
A council spokesman  said: “We have set out the traffic calming feature outside the Unitarian Chapel on Beckspool Road in a temporary form to enable us to gauge its impact on slowing traffic and to assess whether it presents a road safety hazard for motorists..
“We do not currently have a date set for the decision on the final design of the scheme; however any decision will be based on the monitoring currently taking place.”