Two weeks with no Covid-19 deaths

July 28 2020

NO deaths from coronavirus had been reported among South Gloucestershire residents for two weeks as the Voice went to press.
For the first time since March, the Office for National Statistics reported no deaths with Covid-19 among people in the district during the weeks ending June 26 and July 3.
None of the 40 and 29 deaths respectively during those weeks had the virus listed as a cause.
There had been one Covid-19 death in the previous week, ending June 19.
More recent figures for Covid-19 deaths in care homes notified to regulator the Care Quality Commission showed that none were reported in South Gloucestershire during the week to July 10.
The first three registered deaths of South Gloucestershire residents involving coronavirus happened in the week ending March 27 – the same week lockdown measures were introduced in England.
In the following week the numbers increased to 16, before peaking at 35 during the week ending on April 10.
The following three weeks each saw between 21 and 22 Covid-19 deaths, before numbers started to decline. In total, 168 South Gloucestershire residents have died with the virus: 80 in hospital, 80 in care homes and eight in their own homes.
The number of confirmed cases of Covid-19 in South Gloucestershire was 747 as the Voice went to print, an infection rate of 264.3 per 100,000.