UWE celebrating highest student satisfaction levels

August 26 2016

UWE is celebrating its highest ever student satisfaction levels.

UWE is celebrating its highest ever student satisfaction levels.
Results from the National Student Survey (NSS) show 87 per cent of final year undergraduates at UWE Bristol indicated they were happy with the quality of their course, a rise of two percentage points on 2015 and a second consecutive yearly increase. The national average has remained at 86 per cent for the past four years.
The annual survey sees students reflecting on their time at university, offering their verdicts on everything from teaching and assessment to resources and academic support.
It was introduced in 2005 to help inform the choices of prospective students and assist universities in enhancing student experience.
This year UWE Bristol received improved feedback from students in response to all 23 questions posed in the survey. Trainee teachers and politics students were among the most contented learners, with 100 per cent overall satisfaction being recorded.
Professor Jane Harrington, deputy vice-chancellor at UWE Bristol, said: “We are really delighted that our NSS results are so positive and demonstrate that the students recognise the excellence of the programmes at UWE Bristol.
“This is the second year where we have seen improvements in our NSS outcome, placing us above the sector average.”
UWE Bristol is ranked 58th out of 155 higher education institutions in the UK for overall student satisfaction. It is positioned higher still for some individual themes - 10th based on student satisfaction with ‘learning resources’ and 16th for the feedback received on ‘personal development’. The university is targeting an overall satisfaction score of at least 90 per cent by 2020.
In all, 14 programmes taught at UWE Bristol achieved 100 per cent satisfaction and a further 42 achieved 90 per cent satisfaction or above.