Warm welcome for increased variety of Page Park trees

May 02 2017

THE variety of tree species in Page Park has increased by more than half following the planting of 33 new trees.

THE variety of tree species in Page Park has increased by more than half following the planting of 33 new trees.

The new varieties include mulberry, Tibetan cherry, dawn redwood and dove tree. aThese additions have increased the variety of trees in the Staple Hill park by 58 per cent. 

They have been introduced to enhance the natural environment and encourage more people to visit the council-owned park.

In addition, a new tree management plan, which will ensure that all of the trees in the open space are maintained and protected, has been officially launched. The plan outlines how the council will manage and maintain the variety of different trees, including several iconic formal avenues of lime, pine and horse chestnuts, to ensure the character of the Edwardian park is protected for future generations. 

Cllr Erica Williams, chairwoman of South Gloucestershire Council, said: “I warmly welcome the planting of these new trees and the publication of the first tree management plan for Page Park. It is wonderful to see these new trees being planted and I look forward to watching them grow and flourish.”

Lorna Carter-Stevens, chairwoman of Friends of Page Park, said: “As well as adding autumn colour and interest to Page Park, the new variety of trees will educate children and adults about different species and their benefits. They will secure the future of Page Park as an oasis of greenery in an otherwise urban area.”

Jon Clark, executive director of the Forest of Avon Trust, said: “Trees have a huge number of benefits and we need many more of them. They offer great health and wellbeing benefits in urban areas and if you plant more trees in a park people are more likely to visit and stay longer. Trees have a very positive impact on people’s lives and contribute to their quality of life.”

The new trees have been planted thanks to a grant of £6,800 from the Forest of Avon Trust and £2,500 from the Friends of Page Park through the People’s Postcode Lottery.

As well as the new trees, 25,000 bulbs and 2,400 plants have been planted in the park over the winter as part of the project.