We hope you like our fabulous Avenue of Flowers

July 01 2016

I THINK I often start my news from Downend and Bromley Heath in Bloom by saying how busy we have been and this time is no exception, however this month we have been really busy!


I THINK I often start my news from Downend and Bromley Heath in Bloom by saying how busy we have been and this time is no exception, however this month we have been really busy!
It started early in the month with the newly formed Men and their Tools group working flat out to finish the 20 new wooden planters that they were commissioned to make for us. You have probably spotted them in the High Street. We do know that only some of them have gold acorns on but a member of the group, Terry, is beavering away in his hidey hole turning them on his lathe.
Unfortunately when I asked if he could make them for us I omitted to tell him straight away that we would need 80 for the 20 new planters!
Of course the planters then needed flowers in them so Dave and I went to the garden centre and had to buy over 400 plants to fill them. My garden did look superb - a riot of colour- but unfortunately only for a couple of weeks. I am sure you will agree, though, that these planters do look fabulous so a big thank you to all of the men in the group for their superb efforts.
We then had to underplant the trees in the High Street and various troughs around the area. This entails removing the old plants and compost before refilling with new compost - we also had to paint the existing planters to spruce them up and to ensure they matched the new ones. To give you an insight into the task we used over 90 bags of 80 litre compost! On the Tuesday we then had to plant them out and on that day we started at 8am and finished around 4.30pm - a long day!
A few days after this it was the turn of Blaise Nurseries to do their handiwork so along with Chris and Paul from our group the day was spent erecting the pole and rail baskets. Two days later the new planters were installed. When I say new planters I am sure you have all noticed (don't think you can miss them if you are going through Downend village) the new six-tier planters. What an incredible display! These were purchased last year with a grant from the Chase Forum and certainly are the icing on the cake of our summer display.
Our aim for this summer was 'An Avenue of Flowers' and I am sure you will agree that with the stunning displays we have definitely achieved just that.
This month we also attended an evening that South Gloucestershire arranged for Community Spaces volunteers. It was held at Winterbourne Medieval Barn which is a very interesting place and well worth a visit if you have not been there. It also shows how many very committed volunteers there are around the area working for various different and diverse causes.
Back to summer planting, we are hoping life my be a little less hectic now it is complete! However we still have the watering and maintenance of the plants. We have a watering rota where two people from our volunteer group water the plants for a week. We do have our new watering system in place so instead of carrying watering cans around we have a roller container and pump so the task of watering should be much less strenuous!
However (there always seems to be a but) the Men and Their Tools group will still be working hard as they are now making wooden planters which we will be selling at Heathfest to help with our fundraising. We are also attending C in the Park soon so why not come along and have a chat with us on our stall.
Well, that is all for now but can I say that as a group we hope that you will all enjoy the summer displays in the High Street and around the area. I certainly know that I will!