We must all pull together for our area

November 24 2017

The recent night of violence in Staple Hill where two people were stabbed has no doubt caused unease in the area. Labour councillors for Staple Hill, Shirley Potts and Ian Boulton, are among the many people who have been working relentlessly to ensure the area is a great place to live and work. Here, they tell readers that the community must continue to pull together and work with the police to send a clear message that anti-social behaviour and crime will not be tolerated

THE number of reported crimes across South Gloucestershire has reflected a national

pattern and increased by 15.3 per cent in the last year compared to the previous year. This disappointing trend has been developing in the last few years and reverses the years of falling crime rates that we have enjoyed, and maybe taken for granted, since the late 1990s. Our local neighbourhoods, including Staple Hill, appear to have been no exception and recent incidents of anti-social and criminal behaviour have been very well reported.

Our neighbourhood police beat team are working closely with residents, statutory agencies and community groups to deal with this increase in reported crime. As a result of working together, in recent months we are beginning to feel a real improvement in Staple Hill, however this is fragile and needs a concerted effort to maintain this excellent work. There a range of things we can all do to help.

1. Make sure you know that your children and their friends are somewhere safe and secure rather than roaming the streets where they can be vulnerable to becoming victims of intimidation, exploitation and criminality. Young people are more likely to become victims of crime than any other age group.

2. Report every incident of anti-social behaviour or crime to the police. This can be done simply online at www.avonandsomerset.police.uk/reportcrime or by telephoning 101. In an emergency or if a crime is in progress you should telephone 999.

3. Ensure your doors and windows are properly locked and any intruder alarms you have are switched on.

Our Staple Hill police are holding regular beat surgeries and coffee mornings so you can meet members of the team and discuss any concerns or information you have. Issues can also be raised at the local Community Engagement Forum and the Staple Hill Regeneration Partnership meetings. Details of all these events are publicised on the Staple Hill Residents Facebook Group and our community noticeboards which are outside the library, at the front of the Methodist Church on the High Street, at the Our Place Community Flat and on Church Road in Soundwell. We also hold our own surgeries on the third Saturday of each month in the library.

The fear of being a victim of crime can be as debilitating as real crime and so we must also remember that the odds of being involved in a crime remains extremely small and that our streets remain safe places to be. 

Working together to support our police we can ensure that this remains the case."