Work begins to save Blackhorse pond

February 24 2017

WORK has begun to try and restore Blackhorse Pond before it disappears completely.


WORK has begun to try and restore Blackhorse Pond before it disappears completely.

The 130-year-old pond in the open space opposite Blackhorse Primary School has dried up over the years, leaving little water left for wildlife to live in.

Now a campaign by residents has successfully resulted in South Gloucestershire Council starting pond management work.

The current work is focusing on felling or pruning the willow trees in and around the pond. The trees could be one of the reasons the pond has dried up.

The council is also widening the footpaths around the pond, which have narrowed over the years, back to their original width.

Later in the year, the council plans to desilt the pond if funding is secured.

The campaign to save the pond is being organised by Liz Foster-Hall, whose daughter attends Blackhorse primary school.

She said: “I’m really pleased that work has started. It made me so sad to see the state the pond had got into and I’m sure I wasn’t the only person to complain to the council.

“Last year the ducklings were dying because they only had a patch of mud to sit on, where they were an easy target for other wildlife.

“All the other ducks left, so families couldn’t bring their children to feed the ducks any more.

“I would like to see the pond restored so this can be a green space that everyone in the community can use.”

Now she is working with Blackhorse Primary School to try to organise a meeting for local people who’d like to get involved in maintaining the pond.

She said: “We can get little ones out litter picking, and adults can be involved in work with the pond.”

Once a date is set, details of the meeting will be published on the Facebook group “Protect Our Pond – Blackhorse Open Space.”

A spokesman for South Gloucestershire Council said: “Over the years the pond has dried up, leaving little water in the pond for wildlife.

“There are likely to be a number of reasons why this pond, which is over 130 years old, no longer gets the same amount of water it once did.

“One reason could be because of the amount of vegetation growing in the pond.”