You should be ashamed

May 05 2014

Message to thief after conifers are taken twice


parish councillors with stolen conifersMessage to thief after conifers are taken twice

 MASSIVE efforts to brighten up the centre of Downend with plants and shrubs have been undermined by acts of selfishness.

Parish councillors who gave up time to create a community garden in Westerleigh Road were upset when their carefully planted conifers were dug up and taken away.

They replaced the miniature trees – only to find them stolen again.

Residents at the annual assembly of Downend & Bromley Heath Parish Council were shocked to hear of the thefts.

Councillor Kate Conner told the Voice: “I was extremely disappointed that someone had stolen three conifers from the community garden and was astounded that they actually came back a second time to take two more plants. Under cover of darkness a person has effectively robbed the local community. Preventative measures have now been put in place.”