Youth group helping out the community

June 10 2013

YOUNG people in Downend have put pen to paper to write about their experience of helping others.

Faith youth group

YOUNG people in Downend have put pen to paper to write about their experience of helping others.

The boys and girls, all members of the Faith youth group at Christ Church Downend, spent a bank holiday weekend making a difference in Lawrence Weston and Southmead.

Working alongside residents, they rolled up their sleeves up and got stuck into a community clean up. They also lent a hand at a gardening project at Lawrence Weston Community Centre.

On the Monday members helped run a family fun day in Southmead, manning stalls and painting children’s faces.

The event was part of an annual city-wide charity initiative called The Noise which aims to encourage Christians in Bristol to help out in urban estates.

This year The Noise attracted around 1,000 volunteers helping out at hundreds of projects across the city.

Youth leader Diane Paddon said: “It was great to join in with other Christians and work alongside the communities of Lawrence Weston and Southmead. It feels good to make a difference. 

“The strapline of The Noise is ‘Showing God’s love in practical ways’ – and that was what the weekend was all about.

“The Faith group has shared lots of ideas on how we might follow up this year’s The Noise with community projects in Downend and Staple Hill. 

What they said

“The first day Faith took part in a clean-up in Lawrence Weston, where we helped out the community and picked up litter in the parks. We moved along to clean up some bush-like areas, where we pulled out items like sofas and parts of cars. We later moved on to gardening. It was an exciting day.” Katie McNeill, 14

“At the Noise I enjoyed litter picking and finding weird things in the bushes. I also enjoyed helping at the fun day.” David  Arberry, 14

“The Noise this year was excellent. It’s great fun to see all of the churches that took part come together to help the true potential of the communities we helped shine through. We all met some amazing people, whether they were Noise volunteers, passers-by or people at the fun day. It was amazing.” Eloise Phillips, 13

“The Noise 2013 was a great experience and I really enjoyed it. I was based in Lawrence Weston and we did litter picking, gardening and removing large furniture. I also helped at the Southmead fun day, which I really enjoyed as people in different communities really enjoyed it. The best part was walking away feeling like I’ve helped people who may not be as fortunate as I am.” Rachel Arberry, 12

“It was an amazing experience. On Saturday we did some litter picking at Lawrence Weston, cleared furniture out of a wood and did some gardening at a community centre. On Monday we spent the morning litter picking and in the afternoon we helped at a fun day in Southmead. Overall I had a great weekend showing God’s love in practical ways.” Phoebe Grout, 13